We exist in a world that is defined by things. That could be money, a house, a phone, a cooker, anything. What I love about Bushcraft is that it strips all that away. It is about how you work with the land and the skills and the knowledge that you carry in your head, not the phone that you carry in your pocket.

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The term Bushcraft is a word that encompasses a vast range of skills and techniques that allow you to find water and make it safe to drink, identify and follow track and sign left behind by animals, make cordage, cutlery, traps, find or make shelter for protection from the elements and identify the trees and plants that surround you among many other things.


I have extensive teaching experience working with all ages including students struggling with mainstream education. I have been studying Bushcraft for many years and learnt from many knowledgeable people, most recently from John Rhyder of the woodcraft school where I successfully completed the Level 4 Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership and the Level 4 Certificate in Wildlife Identification and Tracking.

If you are interested in my services as a freelance instructor or would like to book a private course, please feel free to get in touch.